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    The British Deer Society

    What do we do? - BDS promotes deer education, research and management best practice to ensure a healthy and sustainable deer population in balance with the environment; a key feature of the biodiversity of the UK landscape.

    What do we do?
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    The British Deer Society

    Our aim - BDS aims to be the go-to place for objective and unbiased information on the biology of deer and methods of deer management, humane treatment and control.

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    The British Deer Society

    Research - BDS provides funding and support for high quality deer research to inform government(s), academia, trade organisations, members, the media and the public.

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    The British Deer Society

    Membership - BDS embraces a varied membership ranging from professional biologists, enthusiastic naturalists, keen photographers, wildlife artists and chefs to deer managers and stalkers. All are welcome.

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    The British Deer Society

    Education - BDS aims to improve general education and understanding of all deer-related issues, through active engagement and access to high quality educational materials.

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    The British Deer Society

    Training - We develop and deliver high quality training programmes to promote best practice in deer management.

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    The British Deer Society

    How can you help us? - Help BDS continue its education and research programme. Secure the future of wild deer in the UK by becoming a member, making a donation, or purchasing from our shop. Thank you for your support.

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Latest News

BDS Branch AGM dates 2019

The local BDS branches will be holding their AGMS over the coming months, and all members are invited to attend. pdf View dates and locations (32 KB) .

For more information about the local BDS branches please view the local branch pages on the BDS website

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Game takes off on restaurant menus as 'flexitarian' diners discover wild side

Flexitarian millennials have given game sellers and chefs a record year, as they plump for ethical, wild meat over traditional cuts of chicken and beef.

Trendy London restaurants including Ottolenghi, Breddos Tacos and Bibendum have introduced quail and venison on their menus for the first time, and chefs say they are struggling to meet demand.

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Smart sonic fences are here to stop deer from becoming roadkill

Acoustic sensors alert wildlife when cars are near – saving hundreds of animals from getting hit on the road. As well as in Tasmania, the devices are also being trialled in the UK, with a number already installed on a stretch of the A513, in Cannock Chase.

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BDS Photographic competition 2018 - enter now!

BDS Photographic CompetitionAnother year is ending and the Christmas break is a good time to remind everyone about the annual BDS photographic competition which closes at the end of March 2019.  SO if you haven’t yet entered anything for judging, this could be an opportune moment to get on and sort through your images or to get outside to try out some new kit……?  

You can submit images electronically now, so it is very easy.  Last year there were some quality entries so expectations are high. We are also always looking for deer images in wintry settings and in landscape format for the annual calendar.  

Branches are also encouraged to submit their own branch entries for judging in the Dulverton Trophy award section of the competition. The last few years have seen a battle between two particular branches to take the prize but with few others taking part. It would be great to see more regional activity and entries.

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Forthcoming Events

13 March - 15 March
Deer Management Course
16 March - 18 April
DSC1 Altyre, Morayshire
05 April - 07 April
DSC1 Laverstoke, Hampshire
06 April - 08 April
DSC1 Carlisle,Cumbria
12 April - 14 April
DSC1 Padstow, Cornwall

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