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Ultimate Deer Data online training is only available from the British Deer Society, it is an interactive course enabling candidates to acquire and test their knowledge in preparation for taking the Deer Stalking Certificate 1. 

The interactive quizzes and deer identification quizzes can be used time and time again allowing you to build up a depth of knowledge and the thorough understanding needed to pass the DSC1 formal assessments.

Whilst UDD is primarily aimed at people wanting to achieve DSC1, due to the significant volume and quality of its content, it is of equal value as an important educational resource to anyone worldwide needing to gain knowledge of British deer and related management.

UDD online costs £20.00 for 60 days access, which can be renewed if more time is required.


UDD covers all the information a candidate needs to review before taking deer stalking certificate 1 training courses.

The course divides each area into logical groups with a number of short quizzes on individual topics.

There are also additional resources on the shooting and safety assessments Plus a self-assessment visual quiz area to test your deer identification skills.


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