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South West England

South West England

Branch information and events

Information on the British Deer Society (BDS) South West England branch including events, news, and contacts.


Please note that branch events may not be going ahead due to Covid-19 pandemic. 


Branch Contacts

Chairman Carmen Hocking  
Secretary Sharif Adams

South West Branch Committee

The SW Committee meets several times a year at various locations around the South West. The meetings cover the management of Branch funds and property. But also, event planning plays an important part of the Committee’s work.

If you feel inclined to join in then please contact any member of the team. Details in the Deer Journal or this website.

Branch Areas

Postcode Area
BA1 - BA11 Bath
BA16 Bath
BA20 - BA22 Bath
BS Bristol
EX Exeter
PL Plymouth
TA Tauton
TQ Torquay
TR Truro


High seat Workshop

This event attracted 5 members who attended the workshop given by Ryan Brentnell at his premises near Okehampton. The day engendered lively discussions and good woodworking skills, with the making of several free-standing models.

In total, three high seats were manufactured and purchased by the members, who only paid £25 to Branch funds to attend the training but were also delighted to take the ladders away at cost price of only £100 each! If this mini one-day course appeals, then please email to lodge your interest, and if enough interest is generated then a further course can be run in 2020.