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South West Scotland

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22 Jan Branch AGM, Ken Bridge Hotel, New Galloway, 4.30pm  


22 Jan Branch AGM, Ken Bridge Hotel, 16:30hrs   
21 March Survival/Alone in the Forest - Ken Bridge Hotel, 7.30pm  
26 March Gong Shoot - Cornharrow Estate, 9.30am  
9 April Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  
14 May Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  
11 June Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  
20 June Calling Roe, Ken Bridge Hotel, 7.30pm  
9 July Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  
13 Aug Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  
20 Aug Activity Day - Millhouse Deer Farm Lockerbie  
10 Sept Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  
8 Oct Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  

Branch contacts

Chairman Glen Heggs  
Secretary Keith Snow  


Deer Dog Day - Sunday 3rd December 2017, Stonehouse, Lanarkshire

Shot site examination, despatch of wounded deer and use of a scenthound dog for recovery.

This event is intended to cater for both the novice and experienced stalker in interpreting the shot site and use of a dog for recovery. The UK Scenthound Association will provide a seminar on dogs for deer which will include a morning indoor session on shot site examination and an afternoon on the use of a scenthound. The demonstration will be held in Stonehouse, Lanarkshire which is just 10 minutes off the M74 west from junction 8 on the A71.

The morning session commencing at 0900 (and concluding at 1200) will include:

• the practical examination of the shot site
• how to determine what to do after the shot and what not to do
• finding the shot site using different methods
• how to correctly proceed to maximise recovery
• the differences that bullet choice makes with shot site presentation and carcass damage

The afternoon session commencing at 1300 (and concluding at 1530) will include:

• a demonstration of a fully trained Scenthound working a track with numerous distractions
• a practical demonstration of the correct use of a knife for dispatch
• a demonstration of the difficulties concerned with shooting over a baying dog

There will be no catering facilities at the venue which is the Stonehouse Lifestyles, 2 Udston Road, Stonehouse, ML9 3JL. Therefore bring a flask and food for the day and wet weather gear for the afternoon session.

To cover the costs for the event a charge of £15 for members of BDS or LDNS will apply. Non members are welcome to attend at a charge of £25. As numbers will be very limited advance booking is essential. Please book with Glen Heggs (details below) and pay the event charge in advance of the day. Please make cheques payable to LDNS and post to

Glen Heggs
KA19 7NL
Tel: 01655 770672/07831 750618

This training day is intended to train the handler not the dog. Do not bring any dogs to the training day.

Newsletter July 2017

Best Practice Activity Day

Our grateful thanks are extended to Gareth and Emma Bowes, the owners of Millbank Deer Farm for allowing us to intrude in their home and providing the logistics to ensure the day is a success.
We will host our annual Best Practice Activity Day on the 20th August 2017 at Millhouse Deer Farm, Lockerbie. The day will be divided into two separate sessions and will cover the processes involved in recovering the carcass to putting the meat on the plate.

In the event of bad weather the event will be held undercover. Please wear suitable clothing for being outside. Last year you required factor 20 lotion.


You will have the opportunity of gralloching a freshly culled carcass under the supervision of two AW’s who are also DMQ Assessors. The carcasses will be culled five minutes before you have the opportunity to gralloch. This is the closest we can offer to the “real thing” in the forest. Experienced branch members will also be on hand to give advice and assistance. This will be a learning practice not an examination setting. There will be two vets in attendance for the technical questions. This is hands on and protective clothing will be available but please wear your old clothes.


Chilled carcasses will be dressed by Wallace Smith a professional butcher who will answer questions as he works. The standard of Wallace’s butchery is superb. Wallace will give a running commentary as he works. You may ask as many questions as you wish. The day is intended for those seeking to undergo the rigors of DSC2 or simply for those interested in improving their skill level.

Tea and Coffee will be available all day. Lunch will of course be venison. At the end of the day we will auction a freshly butchered carcass so please bring your wallet.

Cost BDS members £35. Non members £40. Numbers will be limited to ensure everyone has a chance to participate.

Millbank Deer Farm is located just off the B7076 near the village of Nethercleuch. It is approximately 4 miles north of Lockerbie. Post code for your Sat Nav is DG11 3RW. I will place BDS signs outside the venue.

Accredited Qualification in First Aid + F

I have arranged  a First Aid at Work + F training  course for 3rd September commencing 0900. The F signifies Forestry i.e working alone so is of particular relevance for deer stalking. This course avoids the minor injuries, burns, nose bleeds etc and deals with major trauma including CPR. The venue will be The classroom Gardners Guns Rifle Range Longtown. The range is situated three miles south of Longtown on the A7 and is clearly signposted from the A7. From J44 of the M6 travel north along the A7 towards Longtown and the range is 300 yards from the bridge over the river Lyne. It is easily accessible from the M74 and M6.  Tea and coffee will be provided but bring a packed lunch. The Forestry Commission and several Forestry companies now demand a first aid qualification from lease holders. This course meets all current demands. This is an excellent course for family first aid as well.  I have negotiated long and hard with several companies and managed to get the cost down to £50 per person.  Places are very limited and you must reserve a place. Email me to book a place.

Reloading Centre Fire Rifle Ammunition

The BDS has recently endorsed a LANTRA accredited centre fire reloading course offered by Purdoms Training in Carlisle.  This is the only LANTRA approved reloading course currently offered in the UK. The course covers a very broad spectrum of reloading practices and is eminently suitable for stalkers to 1000 yards benchrest competitors. The course is divided into two separate sessions. The first dealing with the theory of reloading and internal ballistics. The second involves each student physically reloading five rounds under qualified supervision and then firing the rounds. Successful completion of the course including a written paper results in a LANTRA certificate of competence. The next course is on the 24th September.  Purdoms Instructors will also travel to your venue. Purdoms offer a heavy discount to BDS members. Further details contact the secretary.

DSC 1 Training

A DSC 1 LANTRA accredited course will be held 8th to 10th October and will be held in Carlisle. Full details may be found on the BDS HQ web site. There are numerous accommodation options within six minutes of the venue. Alternatively give me a call.

Branch Office Bearers

Glen and I have both given notice that we intend to stand down after 14 and 9 years respectively in our roles. It will cause unnecessary turmoil if no one replaces us. If you can assist please contact Glen asap.


The committee decided in 2012 that all notifications of branch/society business would be sent via email due to the increasing cost of postage.  If you are not receiving fairly regular updates of branch events then it is simply because we do not have your email address or you have changed your email address and not notified HQ.  Simply contact the secretary and all will be rectified.  If you live in an area without internet access then the secretary will happily post a copy of all newsletters and updates if you let the secretary know this is your only option.

Keith Snow  - Secretary