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9 Feb Branch AGM, Lyndhurst Community Centre
16-17 Sept The Royal Berkshire Show, Newbury Showground

Branch contacts

Chairman Dorothy Ireland This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Secretary Hugh Goodman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Membership      Stephen Farr       
Treasurer Karene Johnson    
Range Officer David S Davies    
Photographic Officer George Trebinski    

David Barrett, Mark Hatt-Cook, Robert Hall, Trevor Hughes, Roger Ireland, Matthew Moore, Nigel Dewing.             

Hon. Vet. Keith Cutler BSc MRVCS


The Hampshire/Thames Valley police HAD  (humane animal despatch) course is almost to be launched, I am sure those stalkers who are on the scheme would have been informed of this by now. 

You will have read in the last journal of the pending research programme regarding the underpasses in the New Forest to see how one can improve them for deer to use. We had a site meeting with Dr Jochen Langbein who said there could be improvements like deer fencing either side of the underpasses at road level, to enhance the entrance with shrubs, to encourage the deer to use it. Funding will be necessary, so at the next Animal Accident Reduction Group headed by National Parks Authority it will be decided whether this should go ahead. I personally do hope they approve it if so it will be then funding will have to be found. 

Poaching is still a topic with the police, especially in Dorset and north Hampshire, so vigilance is asked for, especially on your area where you stalk. 

Education, our powerpoints regarding deer for 8 year olds, are being tested out at this moment at several schools, we felt it was the youngsters who would be the better judges to see if we have got it right before launching it on our BDS website for other schools and groups to use. 

Range Days are still waiting for that range to turn up to use for our purposes, a great deal has been taking place regarding a suitable venue I thank those who have contributed towards this so far.

Email addresses

Email addresses, another plea for them, we cannot send the newsletters by post anymore it is too costly and I know some members must be missing out, so please send us your email address.