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    Deer are an important part of our natural heritage, admired by thousands. Regrettably on occasion they can conflict with other land uses and can be damaging to agriculture and woodland as well as directly affecting public safety through deer vehicle collisions. Deer numbers kept in balance with their habitats can have less of an impact. Accepting culling as often necessary to achieve this, BDS has been training stalkers and deer managers for over 30 years to cull humanely and safely to reduce any impact on remaining deer welfare. We have developed a wide variety of courses delivering quality training for groups and individuals whether experienced or new to the practice of deer management.

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Training News

Deer Management and Record Keeping Programme

The BDS promotes the principals of proactive deer management, an important feature of which is data collection and recording. The Society is therefore pleased to support and endorse the Sentinel Deer Management Platform. This is a web based programme that enables you and your fellow stalkers to record exactly how many deer and where you have seen them, keep track of all your cull records and generate cull plans.
Never have concerns about the loss of your valuable and historic information which is held remotely facilitating access and report generation from any device anywhere. Visit the Sentinel Deer Management Platform to subscribe

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Ultimate Deer Data

Ultimate Deer Data online training available only from the British Deer Society is an interactive training package enabling you to acquire and test your knowledge in preparation for taking the Deer Stalking Certificate 1. It details the requirements for all five assessments and provides comprehensive information on a massive range of deer related subjects.

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BDS Outdoor Survival Course

The British Deer Society have teamed up with Woodland Ways, the UK’s largest provider of Bushcraft & Survival courses and expeditions to offer a one day course introducing people to the four main elements of bushcraft and survival; fire, food, shelter and water. 

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