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Fundraising is very important for BDS as delivering our message costs money. 

We need funds for scientific study and research into improving deer sustainability. Our education programme helps the young and not so young learn about deer and understand their place within the ecosystem. All our campaigns, whether about poaching, awareness of deer on roads, Lyme disease and ticks, the threat of Chronic Wasting Disease or other crucial issues, need financial support. 

You can help us raise funds in a number of ways: participating in our annual Grand Draw and Internet Auctions, make a donation or leave us a legacy, buy something from our shop, or become a member of BDS.

BDS Internet Auction

Each year we run an internet auction to raise funds. The majority of lots are donated by generous supporters linked with the rural community, its pastimes and industries and so reflect these interests. Items range from countryside clothing, equipment and photography to fishing, stalking, sailing and ferreting. Fine dining, pub food, holiday lets, spa treatments, paintings, books and food also prove extremely popular! 

BDS would like to thank most warmly its very generous donors who give their time and contributions to support our education and research projects. We would also like to thank all the bidders too without whom there could be no auction!

Read more about recent Internet Auctions by selecting a link on the left hand menu.

Please Donate a Lot

The Auction is a great way to raise money and we are really grateful to everyone who supports us. Would you like to donate a lot for the next Auction? We can accept lots throughout the year in advance of the next auction so please complete the form below and return this to us, or email if you would like to donate a lot.

  pdf Internet Auction Donation Form (105 KB)