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16 January 2019

BDS Branch AGM dates 2019

The local BDS branches will be holding their AGMS over the coming months, and all members are invited to attend. pdf View dates and locations (32 KB) .

For more information about the local BDS branches please view the local branch pages on the BDS website

07 January 2019

Game takes off on restaurant menus as 'flexitarian' diners discover wild side

Flexitarian millennials have given game sellers and chefs a record year, as they plump for ethical, wild meat over traditional cuts of chicken and beef.

Trendy London restaurants including Ottolenghi, Breddos Tacos and Bibendum have introduced quail and venison on their menus for the first time, and chefs say they are struggling to meet demand.

07 January 2019

Smart sonic fences are here to stop deer from becoming roadkill

Acoustic sensors alert wildlife when cars are near – saving hundreds of animals from getting hit on the road. As well as in Tasmania, the devices are also being trialled in the UK, with a number already installed on a stretch of the A513, in Cannock Chase.