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02 July 2020

BDS Range Activities and Covid-19




From NHS, Home Office, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and DEFRA.


We are currently working and living through unprecedented times. This guidance is compiled from the latest advice from the above organisations and is provided to enable the writing of a range activity Risk Assessment managed by the British Deer Society (BDS) branches in a Covid-19 environment.

Any activity on the range will be BDS only. This guidance should be added to the standard Range Risk Assessment to maintain the uniqueness of each range. On completion, they should be sent to all participants in planned activities. Participants must acknowledge receipt of the Risk Assessment and that they have read and understood the necessity of such measures. This must be submitted by participants prior to the range activity it should be emailed in and not handed over on the day. All participants must be booked in for the activity prior to the event taking place. Given numbers, it may be appropriate for the Chairman / Secretary and or RCO to allocate time slots if there are a limited number of lines which to shoot.

 This supplementary guidance is an interim measure and will be updated on the basis of guidance given. It may be that if infection rates rise, then range activities will cease, or if conditions should improve, they will be reviewed and relaxed.

Due to recent reported spikes and localised lockdowns BDS is not supporting Branches in holding range events in these areas. To ascertain if you are holding events in an area with a lockdown or spike please check the PHE or your local authority website. If you are in such an area do not run the event.

first branch range day since lockdown, observing social distancing


05 June 2020

Advice to Deer Managers in Scotland - 5 June 2020

The British Deer Society (BDS) Scottish Office has been working hard to obtain clarification on how the Stage One Unlock Guidance related to deer management in Scotland.

While the picture is still unclear we can provide the following information.

The stage 1 restart programme for forestry - link below:
The sector does require a bit of initiative, everyone must consider their own reasons and justification for contemplating controlling deer in their management.

The facts are:

* Deer management qualifies as forestry and environmental work.

* The guidelines for working in forestry are the most appropriate guidance for deer managers.

* Each and every person is operating under differing requirements, circumstances and situations.

* Each and every person must make their own assessment of increasing the level of harm that their actions may cause.

* Each and every person must be familiar with regulatory legal controls and recognise the difference with guidance.

05 June 2020

BDS is Recruiting: New Chief Executive Role

The British Deer Society (BDS) is actively recruiting for a Chief Executive.

Chief Executive
Position: Full Time permanent
Salary: ca £60K, depending on qualifications and experience
The British Deer Society is an incorporated charity, funded by membership, a trading subsidiary and philanthropic contributions.  The BDS promotes deer education, research and management best practice to ensure a healthy and sustainable deer population in balance with the environment; a key feature of the biodiversity of the UK landscape.

The Chief Executive will be a key member of the BDS Leadership Team and pivotal in the Society’s strategic direction and stakeholder management.  The primary role, working with the Society’s Chair and Board of Trustees, will be in setting the strategic direction of the Society and engaging with local, regional, national and international organisations in the identification, development and management of Society projects.  The Chief Executive will play a central leadership role in maintaining service levels to the membership, regional branches and the general public. 

BDS is Recruiting: New Chief Executive Role