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BDS Launches New Deer App 

BDS Trustee Director Professor Simon Gibson launched its new deer app on Friday 26th July at The Game Fair 2019.

The official BDS app has been designed for anyone with an interest in UK deer. Key features include information on our deer species, advice related to deer, ability to record a deer sighting and contribute to our survey work, weather, sunrise and sunset times, recipes, useful contacts and more.

Whether you are new to deer or a seasoned deer enthusiast this is the perfect app for you.

Download the app today:
Play Store link:

Apple App Store link:

Learn more about UK Deer

With this app, you can learn more about each species of deer living in the UK and view the maps from our recent deer surveys to find out which species live in your area.

Report a Sighting

You can take part in ongoing BDS deer research by reporting all your deer sightings. Whether you are spotting deer in the countryside or urban deer in your back garden we want to know about them.

Use the app to instantly report your sighting so we can get a much better picture of where deer are in the UK. Select the species and the app will automatically log the location. Just add the number of deer, select an observation from the list and confirm your sighting.

You can also add additional notes to your sighting if you wish.

Not sure of the deer species? No problem as the app includes a helpful Q and A tool to assist with identification. Don’t worry if you are still not certain, the important thing is to record the sighting and then add extra details within the notes.

You can also use the app to report deer involved in vehicle collisions, which helps with gathering evidence, identifying accident hot spots to ultimately improve road safety.

If you are a stalker, you too can help by keeping us updated with your cull numbers to give us more data on active deer management in the UK.

All data provided is anonymous and will help us improve our knowledge about UK deer populations and deer management. It all contributes to our aim of ensuring a healthy sustainable future for UK deer.

Additional Features

  • Current Weather
  • Sunrise & Sunset
  • Deer Advice
  • FAQs
  • Ticks and Lyme disease Info
  • Deer Photography Advice
  • Recipes
  • Deer Seasons
  • Add Personal Notes
  • Useful Contacts