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New Research Findings – Ticks

BDS members across mainland Britain provided ticks and deer blood samples during 2018  to assist with research project work carried out for Public Health England (PHE), Porton Down.

Researcher Maya Holding adds:

"Thank you very much for BDS’s support and promotion of the study,  it really helped us in recruiting volunteers from across the country. We are planning a follow-up study in the near future and will provide further details in the near future."

Public Health England (PHE)
This week the PHE Communications office reported:

Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV), which is endemic in many European countries, has been found for the first time in a very small number of ticks in Thetford Forest. These are early research findings and indicate the need for more work, however, the risk to the general public is currently assessed to be very low.


Ticks carry a number of infections including Lyme disease, so PHE is reminding people to be ‘tick aware’ and take tick precautions when visiting or working in areas with longer grass such as woodlands, moorlands, and parks.

Contact your GP or dial 111 if you begin to feel unwell with flu-like symptoms following a tick bite.
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