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Why You Shouldn't Feed Wild Deer

Many people are used to feeding birds and leaving food for other wildlife in their gardens and may naturally assume they can do this for wild deer too. BDS is often asked about this.

However, there is really no need, as deer can usually find all that they need naturally and it can actually take their stomachs some time to adapt to any new food items to which they are not used.  Regular feeding also causes the deer to become unnaturally dependent on humans for food which can actually lead to deer becoming a nuisance in some cases and even developing aggressive behaviour.

Why You Shouldn't Feed Wild Deer

In a recent case at Knole Park, a deer had to be shot as it had become aggressive and injured a visitor. It is important to remember that park deer are still wild. Visitors should always follow the park’s advice and signage which may include safe distances for deer watching and areas where dogs should be kept on the lead.
Please always make sure to check the park’s advice when you visit, as deer behaviour changes throughout the year and advice may have been updated since your last visit.

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