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Things Getting on Top of You?

 The British Deer Society is concerned about the impact on mental health. This article offers some practice tips and links to resources to help us all get through.

A new lockdown has been implemented across England as of Thursday the 5th of November - similar restrictions are in place in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. This is important to reduce the risk of  C-19 spreading and protect the NHS.

The first lockdown revealed the heart of communities: local initiatives to support the most vulnerable, a sense of togetherness, neighbours spoke to each other (sometimes for the first time|!) and we clapped for Carers. People reconnected with those with whom they had lost contact with. Communities helped each other.

The new Lockdown comes at a difficult time - winter and long nights, bad weather, along with economic challenges. Lockdown can lead to loneliness, isolation, and stress - worrying about health, jobs, finances, redundancy, the house and the future. Peoples routines have been changed, social opportunities and support networks are restricted. This impacts all of us young and old alike.

Constant stress has impacted our mental health and there are positive and negative ways this can be managed.

It can be helpful to just take one day at a time during lockdown, focus on your own and others well-being, and maintain a daily structure and routine. Sticking to a healthy diet, daily exercise and ensuring you get your sleep also will help.

Just remember an act of kindness and contact can make all the difference and may even save lives. So please make an extra effort to keep in touch, with family and friends.

Ring someone today who you haven't had a chat for some time - make their day and support your mates!

In addition, the British Deer Society, are working hard to deliver monthly webinars in recognition of the local branches difficulties in offering and delivering the usual range of activities to members. Please support these events!


Need extra support? You can find more help from the following organisations and websites:

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