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Muntjac Symposium

Muntjac Symposium
Monday 13 January 2020, 10:00am - 04:30pm

British Deer Society working in partnership with The Woodland Trust

Symposium Goal

Muntjac deer are increasing their range. Following their introduction in the 20th century to the southeast they have steadily spread north.  The British Deer Society quinquennial survey in 2016 confirmed resident populations as far north as North Yorkshire and Lancashire.  There are now occasional reports of sightings in Cumbria, County Durham, and even Northumberland. Scotland’s policy is clear, to be free of muntjac deer.

This symposium is to gather up to date information about this species. The findings will be made available for all and it is expected it will feed to the review of the national strategy for muntjac deer by the Non-Native Species Secretariat (NNSS).


Symposium’s Three Aims:

  1. To re-assess current distribution and status
  2. To re-assess rates and places of spread
  3. To re-evaluate impacts

Programme (times and detail to be confirmed)

10.00    Welcome, Housekeeping, Muntjac Deer International Context, and UK responsibility - Symposium Chair Prof Putman

  • History and initial spread - Norma Chapman

11.00    Refreshments

11.30    Current status and the current rate of spread, including 2016 BDS survey, and north east records centre at Natural History Society Northumbria, referencing to climate change – Dr Alastair Ward, Hull University

  • Impact and Concerns
  • Agriculture, Horticulture, and Forestry
  • Conservation and amenity Interests especially woodlands & other habitats

13.00    Lunch & Posters - Arnold Cooke book sale, BDS/BASC/DI, Defra family, BDS app, reports map

14.00    Policy into Practice

14.15    Current UK policy, and what it can do for non-native species in general, strengths and weaknesses, and for muntjac in particular, options for management - Non-Native Species Secretariat, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

15.00    Open Forum Discussion – What’s not been said, what next and who might do it?

16.00    Summary of the Day and Thanks - Prof Putman

16.30    Close

Participants 60-80, mixed local and national with representatives from all four countries. Ticket Price – £75.00.

Booking and further information contact British Deer Society via


Location Great North Museum, Hancock, Newcastle University