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04 July 2019

Bid for dedicated dog field in Perthshire after attacks on deer

Planning permission has been submitted for a “dog field” in Rattray, which would allow owners to give their dogs a specially enclosed area where they can run off the lead.

Landowner Georgia Garside came up with the idea after at least three deer were killed on her farm by loose dogs.

dedicated dog field

02 July 2019

Major road closed due to deer trapped in a garden

A major road in Salford was closed while firefighters and RSPCA officers rescued a roe deer which had become trapped in a back garden.

They cornered the roe deer before covering his head with a pillowcase 'to stop him panicking' during the rescue.

Major road closed while RSPCA and firefighters rescue deer trapped in garden

27 June 2019

NEW Deer Management Course Venue

BDS has a new deer management course on the 11-13 September 2019 at Northumberland College, Ponteland, Northumberland.

The BDS Deer Management course is tailored for stalkers, landowners and managers - the decision-makers dealing with deer management issues within a variety of habitats.

NEW Deer Management Course Venue


25 June 2019

Haldon Forest 10K Runner Flattened by Deer

A runner was taken by surprise when a deer unexpectantly came out of bushes and landed right on top of her. 

Karen Brewer suffered bruises to her ribs and right calf in the collision at Haldon Forest near Exeter.

However, Ms Brewer managed to get up and finished first in her age category in the annual Haldon Forest Park 10K on Sunday. The event was billed as a chance to "catch a glimpse of local wildlife".

Haldon Forest 10K Runner Flattened by Deer

24 June 2019

Do Deer Play Football in the Scottish Highlands?

Recently a deer was spotted and filmed playing with a football on a community pitch. Joseph Mackay spotted and filmed the stag in Lochinver in Sutherland. 

Mr Mackay told the BBC he often sees five or six deer on the pitch. 


View video on the BBC website  

21 June 2019

More Deer Sighted in Urban Areas

There have been several recent news reports plus communications received by the BDS regarding deer sightings in urban areas.

On June 21st the Metro reported a stag was seen casually strolled through a housing estate in Fort William in the Scottish Highlands.

Stag in Fort William

20 June 2019

BDS South West Branch Wins First Prize for Best Trade Stand

BDS was delighted to hear that at the recent Royal Cornwall Show our South West Branch was honoured to receive First Prize for Best Trade Stand.

There are dozens of Trade Stands at the show and to be singled out was indeed a huge honour.

19 June 2019

BDS Comments on Nara Deer Deaths due to Plastic Waste

BDS's Charles Smith Jones contributed to a recent article in The independent about how plastic waste from tourists has been responsible for the deaths of several deer in the Japanese city of Nara.

Regular readers of our newsletter Deerbytes may recall we recently covered this story, which has highlighted the danger plastic waste represents to wildlife.

The sika deer of Nara are sadly not the only ones to be affected by ingesting discarded plastic.  Deer will frequently sample unusual items which can ultimately become the cause of their death and have been found later with items such as plastic bags and baler twine filling their stomachs.  They can also entangle themselves in rope or netting which has been carelessly left lying around.  Deer in parks or other places where they are habituated to hand feeding by humans are especially prone to eating unsuitable items.

Nara Deer