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BDS Outdoor Survival Course

The BDS Outdoor Survival Course

BDS Outdoor Survival Course

The British Deer Society have teamed up with Woodland Ways, the UK’s largest provider of Bushcraft & Survival courses and expeditions to offer a one day course introducing people to the four main elements of bushcraft and survival; fire, food, shelter and water. 

The course, designed uniquely for BDS Members, includes "The stalkers survival kit"... with training recommendations from the Woodland Ways instructors on what to carry, why, and how to use it.  The course is run for one of two specific environments, the hill, and the woodland.

There are four Distinct Modules to the course:

1. Fire lighting - The importance and uses of fire, emergency preparedness, chemical, solar, electrical and friction ignition, tinders and fire lays
2. Shelter - The importance of shelter to the human species, natural shelter construction and design, emergency carry shelter
3. Water - How to source and make water safe for human consumption, and why
4. Food - A look at edible and medicinal plants in your environment (This presumes that a stalker will already be conversant with game preparation!)


1st July 2017 - Oxfordshire

The one day course can be booked via the Woodlands Ways website at a cost of £89.00 per person.

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