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MoD Rifle Range Competency

MoD Rifle Range Competency

MoD Rifle Range Competency

It is a requirement of Defence Estates that any civilian shooting on a Ministry of Defence (MoD) owned rifle range must hold a Certificate of Competence. These will be given to a British Deer Society member who has attended a course of instruction and passed a multiple choice question paper.

BDS Members needing or wishing to have a Certificate of Competence allowing them to shoot unsupervised on a MoD range should contact their local BDS branch to find out when courses are being run locally.

Certificates of Competency will be given to BDS members who have attended a course of instruction and have passed a multiple choice question paper. The course of instruction need not take place on a rifle range as there are no shooting elements required. Members will be given a standard PowerPoint presentation followed by a question paper with multiple choice answers. There will be 20 questions asked taken from a bank of 48 and all must be answered correctly. Anyone not achieving a 100% pass will be required to take the full course of instruction and questions again. The whole process should not take more than 2 hours.

  pdf MOD multiple question bank (240 KB)

The cost of the Certificate of Competence is £10.00 per person, individual branches may impose an additional charge to cover the cost of training and venue used.

For members wishing to renew a BDS issued Certificate of Competence simply return the current certificate to:

The British Deer Society
The Walled Garden
Burgate Manor
Hampshire, SP6 1EF

Together with a £10.00 fee and a new certificate will be issued.

Anyone arriving on a MoD range to shoot must have with them and produce their Certificate of Competence for inspection and recording by the range officials. Those arriving without will not be permitted to shoot unless they agree to be under direct one-to-one supervision.