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About Us


The British Deer Society is a Charity working to enable the wild deer within the United Kingdom to exist in today's environment, ensuring that their future is secure for generations to come.

The Society has over 6000 subscribing members and supporters and 7 full time employees.

 Our in house training department delivers a varied range of courses developed to ensure that, whatever your interest in deer, you will receive the best quality training to develop your individual skills and knowledge.

We undertake and fund research projects ensuring that deer, their issues and their threats are scientifically explored and understood, and help to deliver workable solutions.

We have a team of technical experts that work to prime and influence governmental and public bodies. We always seek to ensure that any legislation or regulation is practical and sensible and has deer welfare as its primary objective.

We are, and will always wish to remain, the premier organisation in the UK promoting deer welfare and best management principles in deer management.  Deer need to be managed as they have no natural predators and if left to their own devices their numbers will escalate.

The British Deer Society strives to ensure that there is a healthy population of deer in the UK that can exist in harmony with the environment and the people that live there, look after it, or visit it.


The British Deer Society on line shop is administered by the trading arm of the charity, BDS (Sales and Services) Ltd registered company number 2957152.  All surpluses made from the sale of goods in this shop are paid to the British Deer Society (registered charity nos. 1069663 and SCO37817) to further the aims of the Charity.