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Stalking Muntjac - A Complete Guide | Graham Downing

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  • Stalking Muntjac - A Complete Guide

Stalking Muntjac - A Complete Guide 

Introduced to Britain from its native China in the nineteenth century, Reeves’s muntjac has spent the past hundred years colonising southern and eastern England. Its phenomenal success has sometimes brought it into sharp conflict with those who make their living in the countryside, with conservationists and road users alike. As a result, and with no natural predators to control their numbers, muntjac must be managed.

The author: Graham Downing

Graham Downing has been a regular contributor of more than 30 years to Shooting Times, The Field, Sporting Gun, Shooting Gazette, Shooting & Conservation and other similar titles. He has detailed practical knowledge of deer and deer stalking issues and was appointed the editor of ‘Deer’, the journal of the British Deer Society, in 2003.


Stalking Muntjac - A Complete Guide

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