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Ungulate Management in Europe

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  • Ungulate Management in Europe

Ungulate Management in Europe

This book considers a number of problems posed by ungulates and their management in Europe. Through a synthesis of the underlying biology and a comparison of the management techniques adopted in different countries, the book explores which management approaches seem effective - and in which circumstances. Experts in a number of different areas of applied wildlife biology review various management problems and alternative solutions, including the impact of large ungulates on agriculture, forestry and conservation habitats, the impact of disease and predation on ungulate populations and the involvement of ungulates in road traffic accidents and possible measures for mitigation. This book is directed at practising wildlife managers, those involved in research to improve methods of wildlife management, and policy-makers in local, regional and national administrations.

408 pages

247 x 174 mm in hardback

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Edited by: Rory Putman, Marco Apollonio, and Reidar Anderson

Ungulate Management in Europe

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