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Roe Stalking with the Experts By Peter Carr

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Roe Stalking with the Experts is a definitive collection of knowledge and anecdotes relating to the UK’s native roe deer. It offers the stalker an in-depth insight into the deer’s habits, and how to successfully and ethically stalk this wonderful species.

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Roe Stalking with the Experts By Peter Carr

From the Scottish Highlands to the rolling fields of Hampshire, the roe deer is unquestionably the prime species for the UK stalker. This humble deer captures the imagination of British hunters like no other. Today, more and more stalkers, both professional and amateur, are setting out in pursuit of the country’s iconic deer as they attempt Roe Stalking.

Roe Stalking with the Experts is set to become the definitive work on the roe, compiling the expertise, advice and stalking stories of several of the country’s foremost roe deer experts into one work. Compiled and co-authored by Peter Carr, the book features contributions from Dominic Griffith, David Barrington Barnes, Chris Dalton, Mark Brackstone and other experts of similar stature.

Dedicated sections on trail cameras and deer dogs provide an alternative perspective on the pursuit and management of the roe, while the book also contains an exhaustive listing of all the top trophies measured by the BASC measuring service since 2012.


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