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The British Deer Society is the only charitable, non-profit organisation in the UK providing deer management qualifications and certifications.

With over 20 years’ experience training deer managers, BDS qualifications and training today are widely recognised and well respected within the sector.

We know deer and deer management better than anyone and produced the now widely distributed 327-page training manual for deer stalkers.

Our charity not only trains and supports deer managers, but also works to ensure that the wider public understand the importance of and need for deer management.
We also help to promote wild venison as a healthy, environmentally friendly, and sustainable meat source.

By choosing to train with the BDS, not only do you receive top-quality training with highly experienced professionals, but you also contribute to making a difference for deer and deer managers now and in the future.


  • Choose between a 3-day face-to-face course or assessment only.
  • Training includes deer biology and ecology, deer identification, deer and the law, stalking techniques and safety.
  • Assessment includes practical marksmanship tests at varying distances.
  • A practical qualification involving submission of portfolio of evidence that demonstrates a range of deer stalking skills.
  • Evidence submitted must include field assessment by a Deer Management Qualification (DMQ) Approved Witness
  • A LANTRA approved 3-day advanced course for the deer manager. 
  • Topics include management principles and planning, census techniques, population dynamics, deer and forestry and agriculture, food safety and larders, park deer.


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