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Deer are wild animals and those that live in parks are no exceptions. Unlike truly wild deer, which will avoid humans wherever possible, park deer are used to human presence and will tolerate it, so it may be tempting to get too close in search of a photograph or a special encounter.

Please don’t!

Even park deer, which are very used to humans, are wild animals and during the rut, the stags and bucks have sharp and dangerous antlers and are likely to demonstrate aggressive behaviour.

Rutting stags, in particular, are often pumped up with testosterone, and you could be putting yourself at risk. There have been a number of cases where visitors to parks have suffered injuries which might have been avoided.


Deer are iconic creatures – our largest land mammals. Under normal circumstances, all deer will try to avoid human proximity. Do enjoy watching them but please remember to give them space to behave normally and naturally. Follow these simple guidelines and you will be able to enjoy watching them in safety.


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