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Helping the BDS with our deer surveys is free, easy, and open to all.

If you spot deer then why not sending us a record of your sighting. This can go towards our deer distribution survey.

If you know of enclosed or captive deer then you can send us the details for inclusion in our enclosed and captive deer survey.

For keen deer and wildlife enthusiasts who would like to do some more advanced survey work we have our deer abundance survey. This important survey looks more closely at deer numbers.

Identifying deer

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Each species of deer has unique characteristics that can help you identify them even from a distance. Our Deer app includes an overview of each species as well as photographs for you to use as a reference.

For more help identifying the six species of deer, you can download our deer species guides and posters.

Click on a link below to view the guides and posters:

Large Deer Species Posters
Small Deer Species

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