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Deer are a keystone species that plays a crucial role in the way the UK’s landscape functions.

The BDS is the only charity dedicated to deer in the UK.

Our aim is to secure a future for wild deer in the UK. This is a future where deer are widely respected and valued; where they live in healthy numbers in balance with their environment, and where they face bare minimum of threats to their welfare.

You can help us raise critical funds by participating in our annual online charity auctions. If auctions aren’t you’re thing then please consider making a donation to this special fundraising event instead.

Our next auction will take place in May 2024 (see below). 

If you’d like to be among the first to know about auctions and similar events, please sign up to our newsletter: Deerbytes using the form on this page. 


Our auctions are a great and fun way to support the work of our charity, plus they give you a chance to enjoy some unique experiences.

The BDS 2024 Summer Charity Auction will be live from midday on Friday 17th May until 9pm on Monday 27th May 2024. 

Registration to take part in the auction will be open from Thursday 16th May.


Your Contribution Counts:

The BDS is extremely grateful to our members and supporters who provide items/lots for our charity auctions. 

Your support ensures the success of our event and fuels the essential work of the British Deer Society. So please consider if this year you could offer one of the following types of lots.

  • Experiences: Offer unique experiences like deer stalking, wildlife photography sessions, or guided nature walks in your area.
  • Art and Memorabilia: Donate deer-themed artwork, sculptures, or memorabilia for fellow enthusiasts to cherish.
  • Outdoor Gear: Provide high-quality new outdoor gear – binoculars, clothing, and accessories tailored for deer stalking or wildlife observation.
  • Getaways: Contribute a weekend getaway in a scenic location, allowing the winner to connect with nature and wildlife.

    Please note: All stalking and similar lots donated should must represent an element of a sustainable management plan.

If you can please download and complete our Internet Auction Donation Form and email this to


BDS May 2024 Online Charity Auction - Launches 17 May

BDS 2024 Summer Charity Auction

Our 2024 May Charity Auction is now live. By taking part in the auction or by donating you can help make a difference for deer by supporting the core work of our charity.

Scottish Government's Deer Management Proposals

Scottish Government’s Deer Management Proposals

Despite ongoing discussions, the Scottish Government maintains its stance, prompting reflection on the future of deer conservation. Dive into the details and discover the British Deer Society’s perspective on sustainable practices and welfare considerations.

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