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As a charity, we depend on the help of our members and supporters so we can continue to speak up for deer.

You can help us by:

  • Being a BDS member
  • One-off and/or regular donations
  • Leaving a gift in your will
  • Booking your training with BDS
  • Buying from our shop
  • Supporting our fundraising 


Does the BDS Investigate Wildlife Crimes?

Ask BDS: Does the BDS Investigate Wildlife Crimes?

Discover how the British Deer Society addresses wildlife crimes, offering guidance to concerned individuals and collaborating with authorities. Explore their role, limitations, and the importance of collective action in protecting our wild deer.

Fallow fawn hiding in long grass - taken by Langbein Wildlife

Are Deer Birthing Seasons Changing In The UK?

In this special guest article, Dr. Jochen Langbein provides some interesting insights on how deer breeding seasons appear to have changed over recent decades, discusses how these changes may be related to climate change, and highlights the need for further research and data to be gathered.

Deerly Beloved

Deerly Beloved

The article “Deerly Beloved” discusses society’s enduring fascination with deer and the need for a positive narrative surrounding them. It highlights the importance of appreciating deer’s role in the ecosystem, promoting responsible management, and advocating for conservation efforts. Ultimately, it calls for a shift towards valuing and caring for deer, inspiring future generations to cherish these majestic animals.

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