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Step into a captivating world where visual narratives unfold in this year’s Annual Photographic Competition. To ensure our competition is as fair as possible all entries are judged anonymously. This year it was a delight to see a return to some of past winners to the top spots with some truly captivating snapshots.

BDS Photographic Ambassador and judge, Andy Yates, praised the overall quality, noting the dedication and knowledge exhibited by photographers. The fierce competition revealed a symphony of exceptional images, each vying for supremacy.

Photographer of the Year, Ron Perkins, claimed the top spot with a powerful shot of a Sika stag evicting a rival. Stephen Smith secured second place with a majestic Highland Stag in Winter. Third place was secured by Nick Lane with his roe buck approaching.

BDS would like to thank all the members who took part in sharing their images with us and we look forward to more entries next year.

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