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The British Deer Society regularly runs photography competitions to help inspire more people about our wild deer and to celebrate their power, beauty and unique spirit.

Entry is free and all images of course should be deer-themed. 

To enter the competitions you need to confirm the following:

  • That you have read and agree to follow our code of conduct
  • That the photo is yours and that you own the copyright of the submitted image
  • That you are happy for The British Deer Society to use the image and grant permission to the society to use it for subsequent awareness, educational and marketing purposes.

The BDS is extremely grateful to the many talented photographers who have given us permission to use their images to help educate and inspire everyone about deer and to advocate for their welfare.  Thank you!

What Makes a Winning Wildlife Photograph?

A winning wildlife photograph is more than just capturing an animal in high definition. It’s about revealing a special moment that tells a unique story and provides a glimpse into the relationship between the animal and its environment. In our wildlife photography competitions, the judges have been looking for images that capture these moments in stunning detail.

It’s also important to have an understanding of both the animal and its environment and this is why the BDS created a guidance in the form of our code of conduct. The code provides sensible and simple guidance to ensure photographers stay safe, and don’t damage the environment or distress the wildlife. 

By following the code photographers will naturally gain an advantage that allows them to capture something extra special from their subject.

1st Did I oversleep the winter -Dovydas Vicius

Coming Soon

The British Deer Society will be launching an exciting new photo competition soon so watch this space.

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