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Keep Sending in Your Sightings

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While not everyone may be able to assist with our deer abundance survey there is one easy way we can all get involved in building up a better picture of deer distribution in the UK, by using the BDS deer app to regularly report deer sightings.

The app is easy to use and allows you to quickly tag a sighting using a smartphone. The sightings help us to collate data of not only live sightings but also road traffic collisions, deer heard but not seen, harvesting and other non-specific deer deaths. 

Not 100% sure of the deer species? No problem! The app can help with simple deer id tools plus you can always send us a photo with your sighting for our experts to identify.

Download the app today:
Play Store link:

Apple App Store link:

You can also email sightings to Charles Smith-Jones at giving us the date, location, species, number of deer, condition and any additional notes and/or photos.

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