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Call for More Volunteers – BDS Survey of Deer Abundance

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We have received a great response to this year’s new survey of deer abundance, however, we still need more volunteers. As previously reported, this will be our most comprehensive deer survey ever taken and to ensure success we need as many people as possible to get involved!

All that we ask is that you record your visits to a survey area within an allocated 1km square during March/April and August/September making a note of deer signs that you find.  More details can be found here

If you are able to volunteer and assist with this exciting and ambitious project please email Charles Smith-Jones at or contact HQ BDS, giving your name, contact details and postcode plus if you are a member please include your membership number.  We aim to make survey locations as convenient as possible to your home. However, if you would prefer to survey somewhere else that you visit frequently, please let us know.

Roe Deer Doe and youngster in birch woodland. © Neil McIntyre

Why is the survey so important?

The survey results provide data which is invaluable to national and regional policy makers, researchers, land managers and many others. BDS deer survey maps have over the years, built up an essential picture of the fortunes of deer in the UK.   

Currently, estimates of our deer populations may not accurately reflect the real picture on the ground. To ensure deer populations in the UK are sustainable and in balance with the environment, we must improve our deer abundance knowledge and this survey is a vital part of this work.

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