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Deer Welfare – May and June

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Key deer welfare areas for May and June

Deer on the Roads 
During the lockdown, our deer ventured out onto the road more than ever and now that the traffic is starting to return we are hearing of more and more deer-vehicle collisions.

In addition, this time of year often sees a peak in DVCs as deer are on the move and last year’s young being pushed out to find new territories.

Please watch out for deer on our roads day and night!

Advice for drivers

Young Deer
As highlighted above this is the birthing season for many of our deer species, so pregnant females need to be left in peace. Young deer will often be left somewhere safe while mum is feeding as they can’t always keep up. These are not abandoned and should be left alone as mum will be close by.

More so than ever it is important to keep dogs under a watchful eye and control.

Please help spread the word and keep wild deer and the public safe!

More information on abandoned young

Please Help BDS

How you can help

Donate – Big or small your donation will make a difference.
Membership – Be a member, recommend to a friend, bring the whole family on board.

 A HUGE thank you for your continuing support.

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