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Advice to Deer Managers in Scotland – 5 June 2020

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The British Deer Society (BDS) Scottish Office has been working hard to obtain clarification on how the Stage One Unlock Guidance related to deer management in Scotland.

While the picture is still unclear we can provide the following information.

The stage 1 restart programme for forestry – link below:
The sector does require a bit of initiative, everyone must consider their own reasons and justification for contemplating controlling deer in their management.

The facts are:

* Deer management qualifies as forestry and environmental work.

* The guidelines for working in forestry are the most appropriate guidance for deer managers.

* Each and every person is operating under differing requirements, circumstances and situations.

* Each and every person must make their own assessment of increasing the level of harm that their actions may cause.

* Each and every person must be familiar with regulatory legal controls and recognise the difference with guidance.

* The guidance on the distance travelled becomes less of an issue, if;

You have reviewed how you will manage your travelling.

You are travelling for work.

You have written evidence of the authority / permission and expectation of a duty to perform specific tasks in a lease or other arrangement.

* The Guidance on safe working in forestry is followed.

* Accompanied stalking with clients is not permitted at this stage.

* Reassess and plan for changes required for

Lone Working.

First Aid.

Carcass disposal

Personal hygiene, social distancing and other anti-contamination actions must be undertaken as per the national and specific forestry sector guidance.

BDS continues to closely monitor the situation across the country as the lockdown continues to ease.

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