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Please Send Us Your Deer-Vehicle Collision Reports

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It’s a sad fact, but every day on UK roads there are deer-vehicle collisions (DVC). BDS members and branches are active throughout the year campaigning and working to raise awareness and reduce deer-related collisions.

In addition, BDS actively records and shares DVC data with a number of organisations large and small across the UK who are also keen to get a clearer picture of the scale of the issue and where the worst affected areas are. This can help identify hot spots where warning signs are required and also help support studies into how deer-related road accidents can be reduced. However, we currently only receive a tiny fraction of reports which means the real scale of the problem may well be going under-recorded.

We urge everyone if you are aware of a DVC to please report it to BDS either using our Deer App or by emailing with the location and deer species if known. A great way to tag your location is using What3Words. What3Words divides the world into 3-metre squares giving each square a unique combination of three words. It’s an easy way to find and share exact locations.

When reporting a DVC please do so safely, our app allows for retrospective reports to be sent to us after a DVC and from a different location. 

Deer-Vehicle Collisions

More Information
DVCs – Advice for drivers

If you see an injured deer on the roadside?
Pullover at the next safe place
Call the Police. Giving as precise a location as you can. They will deal with road safety issues and have access to specialists who will know the best course of action for the animal if it is alive

If you hit a deer while driving, your priorities, in this order, are:
Keep yourself and anyone with you as safe as you can
Park your car in the safest place with hazard lights on. Consider using it to also warn other road users
Call an ambulance if human injuries warrant it
Call the Police

If the deer is alive and still visible at the roadside:
It is best not to approach it. Doing so may cause it to run across traffic causing another accident
It is usually best not to move or handle live deer, you may be injured if they struggle
It will not benefit from efforts to sit with it or keep it warm
If you are involved in a deer-vehicle collision and require assistance please contact the police

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