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Lockdown and Covid Guidance for Deer Management

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No matter where you live in the UK you will currently be under some level of lockdown restrictions, the BDS want to continue to support members and those involved in deer management to remain safe and to work within the Government and Devolved Administrations guidance.

However, the guidelines and restrictions are under constant review and are frequently updated and this makes it increasingly difficult for organisations like the BDS to provide any kind of detailed recommendations without risking our guidance being out of step due to a sudden change.

With this in mind we would still like to reiterate that deer and wildlife management activities should only take place if they can be undertaken within the current guidelines and legislation that apply to the area in which you operate. (

For your own protection, employed Deer and Wildlife Managers should seek the advice of their line managers or employers. Those conducting deer management as crop protection on a voluntary or contract basis must clarify whether their activities are deemed essential and should get this confirmed in writing by the landowner or managing agent.

In all circumstances, please adhere to the travel guidelines and restrictions including those on meeting anyone outside your household or support bubble. As these differ across the UK please make sure you have read and are aware of the guidance in relation to your location and the location you plan to work in especially if this requires travelling beyond your local area.

In addition, we strongly recommend that people take the opportunity to review their wildlife management risk assessments and ensure that Covid-19 is included.

As ambassadors for our industry your actions are hugely important and now more than ever, we must all pull together and do the right thing in these challenging times.

Thank you.

We strongly recommend you read and regularly check the guidance for your area provided by the Government and devolved administrations.

This is the best way to ensure you get the right information to make informed decisions so that you can protect yourself and others.
Lockdown Covid Guidance Update
Guidance for England
Guidance for Scotland
Guidance for Wales
Guidance for Northern Ireland

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