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New Video – How to Complete a Habitat Impact Assessment

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The Farm Advisory Service has produced a great new video detailing How to Complete a Habitat Impact Assessment.

In the video Conservation Consultant, Helen Bibby, and Professor Rory Putman, Chair of the British Deer Society & visiting Professor at the University of Glasgow, take you through all the key steps on how to undertake a Habitat Impact Assessment.

Habitat Impact Assessment as explained in the Best practice Guides is a methodology for measuring and assessing the current impact of grazing on habitats.

Deer are dependent on the habitat as well as impacting on it. Deer managers should know something about the condition of the habitat. To manage deer sustainably, a manager should understand how deer impact on the habitat over time, and how this affects habitat condition.

By measuring and recording the impacts of deer on habitat condition, it makes it easier to monitor whether land management objectives are being achieved.

In the Video


An introduction

What is the Best Practice Guide?

What do I need to do a habitat impact assessment?

What time of year should it be done?

What do the plant species present tell me?

How does it work in practice?

How to mark a quadrat

What to do once finished a plot

Roe Deer eating leaves Dumfries & Galloway Scotland By Mark Caunt

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