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Reminder About Watching Deer Safely

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BDS, Deer Welfare Reminder, British Deer Society

Watching deer exhibit natural behaviour in the wild is a wonderful and rewarding experience. However, it is important to remember that they are wild animals and not pets.

Even deer in parks who may be more used to humans are still wild animals and people need to follow the guidance of the park to keep themselves and the deer safe.

The British Deer Society will again be reminding the public as we move towards the summer holidays the importance of keeping their distance from deer and how to watch them safely with our top deer watching tips:

Top Deer Watching Tips

  • The best time of day to spot deer is either early morning or late evening when deer are moving about in search of food
  • Move slowly and quietly and try to walk upwind if you can.
  • If dog walking please keep your dog on the lead and well away from any deer.
  • Keep your distance and never surround deer.
  • Do not try to feed or pet the deer.
  • Please ensure you take your litter home as this can be very harmful to wildlife including deer

In addition, please keep your distance from young deer and nursing females and be sure to keep dogs firmly under control. It is not unusual to encounter protective female deer of all species, obviously highly nervous but still prepared to stand their ground to protect their young.

For more information please visit our watching deer page

Reminder About Watching Deer Safely

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