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Driving Deer Aware – Top Tips To Help Avoid a Collision

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Deer Aware, National Campaign, British Deer Society

We are now in one of the peak periods for deer vehicle collisions not only in the UK but across the northern hemisphere. A combination of factors, not least this time of year is the rutting season for many of our deer species, makes this a particularly high-risk time, from now right through to December.

Incidents can happen very suddenly, so speed is often a factor. In our recent survey, several people reported driving at a slower speed had helped to prevent a collision. There are also other ways drivers can help to reduce their risk including:

  • Keeping an eye out for wildlife crossing warning signs 
    These will alert you that you are in a high-risk area and should be even more alert to wildlife including deer, on or near the road.
  • Knowing higher-risk times are from sunset to midnight, and the hours shortly before and after sunrise.
    If you’re driving at these times of day again, be extra vigilant.
  • Being aware that if you see one deer to watch out for more
    It is very likely that there will be more deer following close by.
  • Using full beam (when safe to do so) to give greater visibility
    However, if you see a deer or other animal, make sure to dip your lights so the animal isn’t startled into stopping on the road.
  • Being mindful not to over-swerve to avoid hitting a deer
    You could hit another vehicle or obstacle which could prove even more dangerous. 

For more safety advice visit DeerAware.

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