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Eat Venison – it’s Good for You and the Planet!

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BDS, The British Deer Society, British Deer Society

The choices we make can have an impact on our health and the world that we live in. The recent COP26 climate change conference has focused people’s attention on climate change and many of us are asking how we can play our part.

Whilst some may point to going vegan as the way forward not everyone wants to give up eating meat. However, many do want the meat they consume to be sustainable and in the UK one of the most sustainable meats you can buy is venison.

Why is Venison a Sustainable Choice?

Wild sourced UK Venison is a highly sustainable choice. In the UK we have thriving deer populations living in the wild that due to having no natural predators need to be managed to ensure they stay healthy and are kept in balance with their environment.  In addition, venison is also widely farmed.

We also have extremely high standards in relation to deer management and food safety, as well as legal protections which ensure that our wild deer are humanely managed.

Consumers can therefore be confident that venison, whether it comes managed wild populations or farms, is a highly sustainable and ethical source of meat.  By choosing venison you are actively supporting the future of both our wild and farmed deer.

Why is Venison a Health Choice?

Venison is a great source of protein, incredibly low in fat, and its levels of saturated fat are much lower than in other red meats like beef. It also contains minerals that are good for our health, including iron, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc as well as vitamins B6 and B12, riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine.  It is one of the healthiest meats on the market.

In the past consumers may have been concerned about traces of lead from shot.   They need not be as suppliers take particular care to ensure that no meat contains lead.  Indeed, many now only sell venison shot with alternatives to lead. If you have any concerns we suggest you talk to your venison supplier.

Where to Buy Venison

We strongly recommend buying from a trustworthy source  This can include game dealers, butchers, local estates, farm shops and even local stalkers with the correct licencing. If you do not have a supplier locally you can also buy venison online.

While some supermarkets do have limited supplies of venison, not all source their supply from within the UK and as a result their venison may come with a higher carbon footprint.

We recommend that you find a trusted and reputable supplier, not only to ensure the sustainability and food standards of your venison, but also to ensure you are not supporting any form of wildlife crime including poaching.

What to Try First

If you are new to venison then you might want to try it first in the form of sausages or burgers. You can also buy it minced where you can use it in a whole variety of easy recipes including chilli, spaghetti Bolognese or cottage pie.

Venison can in many cases be substituted for the meat in a wide variety of dishes though it is important to remember that venison is a lean meat that can dry out if overcooked.

We encourage more people to make the switch and try adding venison to their diet.  We are sure that you will be glad you did.

Eat Venison – it’s Good for You and the Planet!

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