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Update on the Deer Distribution Survey 2022

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BDS, The British Deer Society, British Deer Society

Update on the Deer Distribution Survey

The British Deer Society survey of deer species world normally be undertaken every five years but had been delayed recently due to the pandemic.

The survey is the only one of its kind to look at the distribution of our six deer species across the UK and compare the latest results against previous records of distribution. This provides vital information on the changing ranges of our deer populations.

To prevent any further delays, the British Deer Society is delighted to announce we will be working in partnership with The Mammal Society to complete the Deer Species Distribution Survey 2022. The survey will commence on 7th February 2022 and run until 30th June 2022. In addition, in a change to previous surveys, we will also be mapping the distribution of wild boar.

To take part, you simply need to download The Mammal Society’s Mammal Mapper App and send in reports of wild deer and boar signs and sightings from the 7th of February onwards

We encourage everyone to download the Mammal Mapper App and take part to make this the most comprehensive survey to date.

Please help us continue to speak up for deer by donating using the box below.

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