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What Makes BDS Membership So Different

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What Makes BDS Membership So Different

Many organisations offer membership, and these can provide mutual advantages to both parties. These advantages will vary based on the nature of both the organisation and the membership being offered.

The British Deer Society is a charity and as such is bound by charity rules and regulations which directly affect what we can offer our members. Other organisations may encourage membership through offers, discounts, and benefits.  This is not something the BDS can provide exclusively for members, as it would contravene the requirement set on us as a charity and limit the support available through government schemes like gift aid.

Primarily membership of the British Deer Society is about supporting our vital work which includes research, training and education in all areas related to the UK’s wild deer and their management.

Over the years the work of the BDS has directly and indirectly informed much of what we know about our British wild deer species and their management today. Although not always credited, many maybe surprised by the extent of our work and how hard we have fought and continue to fight, for the welfare and sustainable treatment of wild deer, as well as the recognition and support of those involved with their management.

Our position is unique and while we actively collaborate with other organisations when a common interest is shared, we have our own voice and a dedicated focus. We are not the same nor should we be, and our path is not an easy one to tread.

A Unique Position

The British Deer Society stands up for deer and as such anyone with a love and appreciation of wild deer is welcome. That means that within our membership and wider support network, we can have individuals who hold vastly different points of view. Maintaining a balance that treats all fairly and with respect can at times be challenging. Yet this is a benefit, as it allows us the privilege to be a bridge between these different world views.

Our strong belief in factual lead opinions and decisions made on careful consideration of the evidence available, coupled with knowledge and experience is our guiding light. The authority and respect our approach and longstanding work has produced is not taken for granted and we constantly strive for better.

We value every member of the BDS and we are committed to ensuring the support they give us is appreciated and conscientiously used. While as highlighted above we cannot offer some aspects of membership, there is much more to being a member of the British Deer Society.

The charity has regional branches, events and activities that members are welcome to become involved with. In addition, being able to associate with those that share a love of deer and learn from others, is of much greater lifelong value.

As we have been told by our members themselves “you get out what you put in.” There are many great opportunities there for those willing to take them.

Being a forward-thinking organisation, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and develop and this includes the opportunities for our members. We actively encourage many more people with a love for wild deer whatever their experience, background or knowledge, if they are not already to seriously consider becoming a member of the British Deer Society.


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