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Updated Captive Deer Survey Now Available

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Laura McMahon, Marketing and IT Manager, British Deer Society

Updated BDS Captive Deer Survey

The updated BDS captive deer survey is now available to the public. This spreadsheet lists results for locations that offer public access including name, address, species present and website, sorted by town/county.

The first six deer species listed are also present in the wild in Britain, after this additional deer species (‘exotics’) are listed in alphabetic order.

You can find out more about the survey and download the spreadsheet at

When using the spreadsheet please keep in mind the following:

  1. Make sure to check opening details before visiting any location. Also be aware that circumstances may have changed since they were recorded, and some species shown may sadly no longer be present.
  2. If there are any details that you feel should be changed or added, please notify the British Deer Society by emailing

Do you know of a location not currently listed?

If you are aware of another zoo, park, or other collection of deer, whether open to the public or not, that needs to be added to the list then please email

Why Does BDS Survey Captive Deer?

Although the BDS has traditionally focused on wild deer, one of the foundation elements of the Society’s charitable status is the broader welfare and humane treatment of all deer.

To assist with this the BDS has created a register of all enclosed or otherwise captive deer of any species in the UK.

The survey allows us to:

  • advise the public on where they can view deer
  • record the UK locations of endangered deer species
  • allow us to react quickly to outbreaks of diseases affecting deer

The charity is extremely grateful for the work of our technical advisor Charles Smith-Jones who has coordinated the survey and ensures our records remain up-to-date.

captive deer survey


If you believe deer deserve better and should be managed fairly and humanely then get involved by:

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