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Supporting Golden Eagles: South of Scotland’s Appeal for Deer Carcass Donations

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Laura McMahon, Marketing Manager, British Deer Society

South of Scotland’s Appeal for Deer Carcass Donations

In the picturesque landscapes of the South of Scotland, a dedicated charitable project is working tirelessly to translocate golden eagles, enriching the region’s biodiversity. They are now reaching out to the deer management community for a unique request – the donation of lead-free deer carcasses. In this blog post, we delve into the details of this South of Scotland appeal and shed light on the crucial role deer carcasses play in supporting the golden eagles’ welfare.

The Charitable Project:

The South of Scotland’s Golden Eagle Translocation project is a small but impactful charitable initiative with a modest budget. Spearheaded by Project Manager Cat Barlow, the team is seeking assistance in the form of lead-free deer carcasses to sustain their efforts. The carcasses are utilised for two primary purposes, each contributing to the welfare and conservation of these majestic birds.

Supplementary Feed for Juvenile Eagles:

As part of the project’s commitment to the golden eagles released in the summer of 2023, the team provides deer carcasses as supplementary feed throughout their first winter. This support is crucial as the young eagles learn essential hunting and feeding skills, ensuring a smoother transition to self-sufficiency.

Carcass Placement in the Borders and Galloway:

Beyond feeding the juvenile eagles, the project strategically places deer carcasses at specific sites in the Borders and Galloway regions. Equipped with trail cameras, these sites serve multiple purposes. They attract passing eagles, providing an opportunity to observe and identify untagged eagles in the area. Additionally, the images captured to aid in studying moult patterns in the eagles’ wings, enabling better identification during flight.

Essential Criteria for Carcass Donations:

To meet the project’s requirements, donated deer carcasses must adhere to specific criteria:

  • Lead-free
  • Ideally with the head and legs still intact (gutted)
  • Preferably Roe deer, but other species are accepted
  • Fresh or frozen
  • Free from disease

Collection Logistics:

Understanding the logistical challenges, the project team has outlined their collection capabilities:

  • Within approximately 30 miles of TD7 5LF St Mary’s Loch, they can collect one deer, or combine with another journey.
  • For 2 or more deer, they can drive up to 50 miles.
  • If 3 or more carcasses are available, the team is willing to travel up to 100 miles.

Contact Information:

For those willing to contribute or seeking more information, Cat Barlow (Project Manager) can be reached at  or 07912511760. Alternatively, John Wright (contact person) can be contacted at  or 07746859606.


The South of Scotland’s golden eagle translocation project’s appeal for deer carcass donations highlights the collaborative efforts needed for wildlife conservation. By supporting this initiative, individuals can actively contribute to the well-being of golden eagles and the broader ecosystem. Your generosity can make a significant impact, ensuring the success of this important endeavour.


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