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Survey on Illegal Hare and Deer Coursing and its Impacts on Northumbrian Farmers

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Laura McMahon, Marketing Manager, British Deer Society

Survey on Illegal Hare and Deer Coursing and its Impacts on Northumbrian Farmers

Northumberland, with its picturesque landscapes and thriving agricultural community, has recently been grappling with a concerning issue – illegal Hare and Deer coursing. To shed light on the real impact of this activity on farmers, a survey is being conducted by Harper Adams University, led by Harvey Lea, a dedicated Rural Enterprise, and Land Management Undergraduate Student.

Why This Survey Matters:

Illegal Hare and Deer coursing pose a serious threat to the livelihoods of Northumbrian farmers. The survey aims to delve into the specific challenges farmers face due to this unlawful activity. By participating, individuals contribute to valuable research that could influence policy changes, enhance law enforcement efforts, and ultimately protect the Northumbrian farming community.

Survey Details:

If you are a Northumberland farmer aged 18 or older who has been a victim of illegal Hare and/or Deer coursing in the last 12 months, you are welcome to take part. The survey is designed to be anonymous, allowing participants to share their experiences freely. It takes approximately 6 minutes to complete, and progress can be saved if needed.

Participation is voluntary, and individuals can withdraw from the survey at any time without obligation. Rest assured, all data collected is confidential, securely stored, and will be managed in accordance with Data Protection Legislation.

Survey Sections:

  1. General Information
  2. Experiences of illegal Hare and/or Deer coursing
  3. Police Responses

The survey is structured to be user-friendly, with clear instructions guiding participants through each section. While not all questions may be relevant, the input of individuals is crucial to building a comprehensive understanding of the issue.

Take the Survey:

Participants’ insights matter! If you meet the criteria and are ready to share your experiences, click the button below to access the survey.

By participating in this survey, individuals contribute to a better understanding of the challenges faced by Northumbrian farmers due to illegal Hare and Deer coursing. Together, participants can work towards finding effective solutions and supporting the agricultural community in overcoming these challenges.

Survey on Illegal Hare and Deer Coursing and its Impacts on Northumbrian Farmers


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