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Love for Deer: A Valentine’s Pledge

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Laura McMahon, Marketing Manager, British Deer Society

Love for Deer: A Valentine’s Pledge with the British Deer Society

While making plans for Valentine’s Day, this can also be a great time to show the people we care about a little extra love by extending this to the causes and animals we love.  At the British Deer Society (BDS), we invite you to join us on a journey where your support can make a BIG difference for the welfare of some of the most beautiful and iconic creatures to grace the British Isles – our wild deer.

Beyond Boundaries:

We may live in different places, but we can all come together to do something good for our wild deer population. At BDS our mission is simple yet profound: to ensure that wild deer thrive in harmony with their surroundings. By joining us, you become an essential part of this pledge to speak up for these magnificent animals.

Why Join the BDS?

  1. Love for our Wild Deer
     Everyone at the BDS is united by a genuine appreciation and love for our wild deer. We want to see them valued and treated with respect.
  1. Harmony with the Environment
    Through research, training and education, we are actively working to support a better balance between deer populations and their environment.
  1. Reducing Threats
    Wild deer face many threats to their well-being, and we are working hard to raise awareness and reduce these across the country.
  1. Championing Deer Welfare
    The BDS is committed to placing deer welfare at the heart of everything we do.

Your Membership

By becoming a member, you are helping to ensure a sustainable positive future for our wild deer.

📖 Dive into the latest knowledge with our members’ magazine  “Deer” each quarter.

🌐 Connect with like-minded enthusiasts and share your passion for deer.

📊 Shape the future for deer by participating in surveys and research initiatives.

📸 Share your love of deer through stories, photos, videos, and creative expression.

👥 Elevate your understanding with training and education opportunities to expand your knowledge and experience.

🎉 Access to fun fundraising initiatives including competitions, prize draws, auctions and more.

💌 Stay informed with regular updates including our email newsletter – “Deerbytes.” website, and social media channels.

Join the Movement:

Now is the perfect time to spread the love beyond Valentine’s Day, and make a pledge for deer. Join the British Deer Society and actively contribute to the well-being of these magnificent creatures. Together, let’s make a difference and ensure a future where wild deer thrive in harmony with their environment. Join the BDS today 💚🦌


The British Deer Society is a charity working to improve awareness and understanding about deer, deer welfare and deer management. You can add your voice today by:

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