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Scottish Government’s Deer Management Proposals

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James Scott, Scottish Policy Officer, British Deer Society

Navigating Continuity: Scottish Government’s Deer Management Proposals and the British Deer Society’s Perspective

In the realm of Scottish deer management, recent developments have brought both clarity and continuity. Despite expectations for potential changes, the Scottish Government’s stance on deer management proposals appears unchanged. As we assess this landscape, it is imperative to examine the implications and reaffirm our commitment to effective and sustainable deer management practices.

In a recent communication from the Scottish Government, a steadfast commitment to enhancing deer management effectiveness to meet climate and biodiversity objectives was reaffirmed. Legislative amendments and ongoing initiatives underscore the government’s dedication to modernising deer legislation and supporting localised schemes to address regional challenges.

The British Deer Society acknowledges the government’s continued efforts and recognises the importance of fostering collaborative approaches to deer management. While the focus on legislation and localised schemes is commendable, it is crucial to ensure that these measures align with principles of welfare, conservation, and ecological balance.

However, amidst these discussions, it’s noteworthy to revisit the British Deer Society’s position on recent proposals, particularly regarding the extension of the female deer season until March 31st. Our support for this extension, in line with practices in other parts of the UK, reflects our commitment to welfare considerations and harmonisation across regions.

Addressing concerns surrounding welfare implications, the British Deer Society emphasises the need for evidence-based decision-making and responsible management practices. While recognising the complexities inherent in deer management, our endorsement of the proposed extension is rooted in considerations of welfare protection for female deer during critical periods.

It’s essential to contextualise these discussions within the broader landscape of deer management evolution in Scotland. Past legislative changes aimed at balancing conservation objectives with practical considerations highlight the ongoing need for adaptive and informed approaches.

As we navigate this landscape of continuity and evolution, the British Deer Society remains committed to advocating for the welfare, conservation, and sustainable management of Scotland’s deer population. Our stance underscores the importance of collaborative efforts, evidence-based decision-making, and a nuanced understanding of regional variations.

Together, let us uphold the principles of effective deer management, ensuring the well-being of deer populations while safeguarding the ecological integrity of Scotland’s landscapes.

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