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Engaging Our Community: Membership Satisfaction Survey

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Laura McMahon, Marketing Manager, British Deer Society

Engaging Our Community: Insights from the BDS Membership Satisfaction Survey

Earlier this year, we unveiled the ambitious “Together for Deer” strategy, outlining our vision for the future of deer conservation in the UK. Central to achieving these goals is the active involvement of our passionate members. To understand their perspectives and identify areas for improvement, we conducted a membership satisfaction survey in March and April.

Survey Participation

BDS would like to thank the 947 members who participated in the survey. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping a brighter future for wild deer in the UK. Congratulations to the five lucky winners of the £50 Marks & Spencer vouchers too!

Key Findings

This 5-minute survey aimed to gauge member interests, engagement levels, overall satisfaction, and suggestions for future improvements. The results were overwhelmingly positive; here are the key findings:

  1. Overall Satisfaction: Members generally expressed satisfaction with their BDS membership, rating it eight out of ten for value for money, and the majority indicated that they would recommend BDS to others.

  2. Content Appreciation: members particularly liked the quality of our Deer Magazine and Deerbytes email updates.

  3. Communication Channels: While current channels were rated and used well, there is an appetite for more engagement through events, local branches, and various educational activities.

Member Interests

The survey highlighted several key interests among members, including:

  • Stalking and Deer Management
  • Venison and Cooking
  • Deer Welfare
  • Deer Conservation

The majority of respondents had at least three different areas of interest, demonstrating the diverse range of interests within our community.

Areas for Improvement

Members provided valuable suggestions for enhancing their BDS experience:

  • Mentoring and Training: Increased opportunities for mentorship and training were prevalent suggestions.

  • Local Branch Activities: To foster community and support, more events and activities were suggested at the local branch level.

  • Public and Government Engagement: There is a strong desire for the BDS to take a more active role in public and government advocacy, particularly around ethical deer management and welfare.

Over 80% of respondents supported more campaigning and educational activities to raise public awareness and challenge misconceptions about deer management.

Taking Action

This member feedback aligns well with our “Together for Deer” strategy, emphasising welfare, education, training, and science.

In response, we are:

  • Reviewing our membership offerings to enhance the value and benefits of BDS membership.
  • Expanding our education and training initiatives to support public engagement and member education.
  • Working on strategies to communicate better and engage with the public and government to advocate for sustainable deer management practices.


The survey results have been beneficial in guiding our future actions. We are committed to acting on your feedback and continuing to improve the Charity for the benefit of our members and the UK deer population.

Thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm. Please keep sharing your thoughts with us. To stay informed, join our email mailing list at for the latest updates and future survey invitations.

Together, we can build a strong future for deer in the UK.

If you want to know more about the BDS, don’t forget to follow us on our other media channels.

Help us to continue to speak up for deer

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