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The British Deer Society (BDS) has developed a clear strategy, “Together for Deer” to guide our work from 2024-2030.

You can download and read the full version of the strategy here.


We envision a UK where wild deer:


We educate and inspire everyone about deer.

We highlight the importance of evidence-based deer management.

We champion deer welfare relentlessly and place at the heart of everything we do.


This strategy is designed to help us inspire everyone to come together for deer. It will help us achieve our vision and mission by focusing our efforts in 3 key areas:

Ethics & Welfare, Education & Training, Science & Research.

Ethics and welfare are placed first in the strategy as they underpin every aspect of our work.

In each key area, we have established a primary goal and a subset of five target aims that we aspire to achieve by 2030. An overview of these goals and aims is provided below.


Be the leading voice in preventing any needless suffering of deer from existing and potential hazards which have arisen from human activities.

AIM 1: Develop A Modern Ethics & Welfare Framework.
Create a contemporary wild deer ethics and welfare framework rooted in informed science, apply it to all our activities, and promote it widely.

AIM 2: Advocate for Deer Welfare.
Expand our advocacy efforts on deer welfare when relevant policies, legislation, or guidance are reviewed. Broaden public and sector awareness of deer welfare issues and risks and explain why they should care.

AIM 3: Defend Deer Welfare.
Vigorously defend deer welfare using evidence and effective communication, addressing public misinformation and stigmatization of deer as pests.

AIM 4: Enhance Support Services.
Increase technical team capacity and extend reach of free support and advice services. Ensure prompt and high-quality assistance.

AIM 5: Promote Innovation in Welfare. 
Actively seek innovative solutions to reduce deer welfare issues and risks.

Roe buck jumping a fence hazard by Michael Rusling


Be the leading provider of unbiased information, advice, educational resources, and training in deer and deer management. 

AIM 1: Expand Educational Resources.
Create the most extensive, freely accessible digital learning resource centre related to deer, deer welfare, and deer management.

AIM 2: Broaden Education Activities.
Expand range of in-person educational events nationwide, with a focus on engaging schools and youth, and those with limited access to the countryside. Develop an introduction to deer and land management programme for schools.

AIM 3: Enhance Engagement and Broaden Community.
Expand our reach and impact within our existing community of members and supporters while continuing to grow and diversify our community.

AIM 4: Deliver Top Quality Training and Career Development Courses for the Sector.
Continue to provide and develop the highest quality, most ethically focused and most comprehensive range of deer management training and skill development courses in the deer and land management sectors.

AIM 5: Broaden Reach of Training to Related Sectors. 
Diversify and expand our existing range of online and in-person training and skill development courses so they appeal to a wider range of people, interest groups, ages, and experience levels. Focus will be placed on those who work or study in sectors closely related to deer and land management.

Morris Charlton teaching children about deer with the support of Countryside Learning


Be the leading body for monitoring & research that provides informed, effective solutions for protecting deer welfare & managing their populations at local & national levels.

AIM 1: Enhance Research and Monitoring.
Conduct, support, and commission monitoring and applied research projects that support and expand the UK knowledge base in the areas below:

– Deer welfare,
– Deer populations,
– The humane and effective management of deer,
– The positive and negative impacts of deer on their surrounding environment.

Other topic areas will be considered, especially if they are innovative.

The development & expansion of our existing citizen science research will be a key element of this work.

AIM 2: Disseminate Global Research.
Regularly review and communicate worldwide research on deer, their welfare, and management.

AIM 3: Conferences.
Launch and host a UK and Ireland scientific conference on deer and deer management. Participate in global conferences as opportunities arise.

AIM 4: Develop a Public Data Portal.
Become the central portal for public reporting about deer and run regular citizen science surveys across the UK.

AIM 5: Expand Impact Through Partnerships. 
Ensure that BDS data, research, and monitoring contribute to addressing national and global social, economic, environmental, and climate issues.

Watching by Kenneth Schulze - BDS Deer Research and Science


It is now more critical than ever to create healthy deer populations that face minimal threats to their welfare, and who are in balance with their environment, and support a more sustainable food sector.

From now to 2030, the BDS will focus its role on inspiring a greater number and diversity of people, organisations and governmental bodies to come together to achieve this goal.

Only by coming together, will we find solutions and truly make a difference for deer, people, biodiversity and climate change.



Engage and Participate:
Attend our educational events, training courses, and conferences. Your participation helps us broaden the reach of our initiatives and fosters a community dedicated to the cause.

Support our Research:
Contribute to the advancement of knowledge by supporting our research projects. Your involvement aids in creating a comprehensive understanding of deer welfare and management.

Advocate for Change:
Be a voice for deer welfare in your community. Share our mission, and advocate for policies that align with ethical deer management practices.

Help Foster Collaboration and Partnerships:
Only through collaboration and networking with key stakeholders involved with deer can we hope to make a bigger impact for deer. 


No matter if it’s £5 or £500, every gift will help support the goals of this strategy and move us closer to achieving our mission as a charity. 



To stay ahead on all things deer and up to date with BDS training events, educational initiatives, research findings, and welfare advocacy efforts sign up to our fortnightly e-newsletter, ‘Deerbytes’, using the form below.


If you’re keen to help us stand up for deer, the best way to do that is by becoming a part of our herd as a British Deer Society member.

Your BDS membership will not only directly support our work to achieve this ambitious strategy but it will also expand our community, amplifying our impact.

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