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Information on the British Deer Society (BDS) South East England branch including events, news, and contacts.


07720 813989
Vice-ChairSean Woodger 
TreasurerDavid Jennings 
07970 666169

Additional committee members

Adrian Dagger
Tim Cooper
Daniel Francis
Aleksejs Vankovs
Clive Hilton     (co-opted)
Glen Poland   (co-opted)

GU1 – GU9Guildford
GU15 – GU16Guildford
GU18 – GU20Guildford
GU23 – GU25Guildford
GU27 – GU29Guildford
GU36 – GU45Guildford
GU48 – GU50Guildford
GU53 and aboveGuildford
KTKingston upon Thames




Sunday 14th May 2023

Annual Stalkers Shoot

Saturday 2nd December 2023

Branch Range Day and Christmas shoot

See below for more event details.

If you are planning to visit us at one of the shows above please check beforehand as there can always be last-minute changes.


No upcoming events, please check back soon.


SEE Branch News

Stalkers Shoot 

Our SE E Branch Stalkers Shoot took place on Sunday 14th May with some 20 members attending of whom 15 entered the competition for the Stalkers Cup and Hawkins Trophy. The Stalkers Cup is won through first entry but there was fierce competition through re-entries for all the competitions and in all three 100’s were shot on the Stalkers’ Test Buck. Winners are as below. A great day was enjoyed by all, including a splendid venison barbecue organised by our treasurer David Jennings with Sophie Dezcache.

Thanks to all who acted as range officers and assisted in the day.

Result summary:-

Stalkers Cup plus Hawkins Trophy:  winner Nick Tempest – seen here with Cup and both winner’s tankards (scores 98 and 100). Richard Higgs had a winning score (100) but as a non SE Branch member did not qualify for the cup, but took a prize from the table. Simon Grimmer followed (98), with John Kynoch and Till Timmerman next (both 97).

Swedish Running Deer: Adrian Dagger  1st (43) , Nigel Jackson 2nd (42),  John Kynoch 3rd (41).

Rat:  Richard Jeffery 1st (77) , John Kynoch 2nd (66), Nick Tempest 3rd (49)

Classic Buck : Derek Stimpson (77) ( who came honorary first as there were no other classic entries!).

Classic Rat:  Adrian Dagger 1st (29), Jeremy Fisher 2nd (28) , Derek Stimpson 3rd (26)

We especially thank all our prize donors who support us regularly and contribute greatly to the success of the day with a good spread of prizes on the table.

Christmas Shoot

This year our SEE Branch regular Christmas Shoot will be held on Saturday 2nd December at the BSRC Range, NRA Ranges, Bisley GU24 0PB. Shooting starts at 9.00am 

All members are welcome to attend, as well as members from other branches, and will have the chance to shoot/zero on the static range (bring the paper target you wish to use) and shoot the running deer (100M). 
Please be aware that non lead ammunition may now be used at Bisley ranges with a specific procedure and target prior to shooting, to confirm zero. Please speak to the Range Officer if you wish to do so. You may of course use any standard lead core ammunition that you have.

The £30 fee covers the range usage for the day, and £20 for half a day. Payment in cash please. There will be a prize for the top score on the running deer. As usual, please also bring a wrapped present (suggested value £10) to give, and take one away. 

May we suggest therefore that those attending please bring their own sandwiches, especially if they are attending for the day. Tea and coffee will be available.

Do not forget to bring your FAC and Shooter Certification Card if you have one. Everyone must sign the Range Register. Members who do not have a Shooter Certification Card will be able to shoot under one-to-one supervision and may make arrangements to take the competency examination by Zoom if they wish. Please contact Neil as soon as possible on  if you wish to apply to take the on-line exam by Zoom. An additional declaration will be needed if you are a home-loader which please confirm when applying as home-loading will need to be added to your SCC – see here .

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Best wishes,

Derek Stimpson

Neil Macfarlane

red stag in Richmond park by Roman Grac


If your contact information has changed please make sure to let us know.  To update your details simply email or call 01425 655434.


Surveillance for coronaviruses in wildlife

Surveillance for Coronaviruses in Wildlife

The British Deer Society is asking its members and supporters to assist with a surveillance study looking into coronaviruses in wildlife. This study aims to support the development of diagnostic tests, aid future surveillance, and improve preparedness for future coronavirus outbreaks.

Red Deer Stags at Sunset in Scotland By Mark Connelly

BDS CEO Goes Live On TalkTV To Promote Fact-led Deer Management

David Mcauley, British Deer Society (BDS) CEO went live on TalkTV and Radio at the weekend to promote the importance of having more fact-led approaches in deer management, less sensationalism in the media around total UK deer numbers and to speak up for deer welfare.

Deer Management in the UK: Sustainability Verses Eradication

Deer Management in the UK: Sustainability Verses Eradication

Recently, we received a heartfelt letter from a dedicated member of the British Deer Society (BDS), a seasoned deer stalker with 30 years of experience who was dismayed by the indiscriminate and unsustainable shooting of roe deer around his management areas. His words shed light on the evolving challenges faced by conscientious deer managers who prioritise legal and humane practices in an environment where not all shooters share the same values.

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