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Branch information and events


8 Apr Branch AGM, Altyre Estate, 11am
29 Apr Range Day, Cawdor Rifle Club
5 May Range Day, Cawdor Rifle Club
27 May Range Day, Cawdor Rifle Club
2 June Range Day, Cawdor Rifle Club
1 July Range Day, Cawdor Rifle Club
22 July Range Day, Cawdor Rifle Club
3-4 Aug Moy Field Sports Fair
2 Sept Range Day, Cawdor Rifle Club
28 Oct Range Day, Cawdor Rifle Club
3 Nov Range Day, Cawdor Rifle Club
4 Nov Branch Autumn Meeting, Strathconon Community Hall

Range Day contact

Ian Davidson 07769 345109

Branch contacts

Chairman Alistair Monkman
Secretary Ian Sugden

2018 News

Highlands Branch AGM, Altyre Estate, Forres, 8th April 2018, 11am

Meet at Edinkillie Community Hall on A940 road, Post Code IV36 2QW

Any nominations for people to stand for Branch Committee posts to be sent to the Branch Chairman, Alistair Monkman - email a.monkman@bdsbranches

We will hold a raffle to raise funds for the Branch - Prize donations are requested as usual.

Bill Muircroft will talk about Altyre & hopefully we will get to look round the estate. The UKDTR are to provide a "Shot site" deer recovery demonstration - presentation by Neil Gatward.

DSC1 course, Altyre,  20-22 April 2018

Details & booking

Range days at Cawdor for 2018 will be :-

Sunday 29th April
Saturday 5th May
Sunday, 27th May
Saturday 2nd June
Sunday 1st July
Sunday 22nd July
Sunday 2nd September
Sunday 28th October
Saturday 3rd November

Range setup from 09.00 hrs. Please arrive early to help prepare the range.

Range day contact is Ian Davidson tel 07769 345109 email

Moy Field Sports Fair 3rd & 4th August 2018

Plans similar to last year.

Branch Autumn Meeting, Strathconon Community Hall November 4th 2018

Training & Stalker Development

We are keen to encourage new member stalkers & to nurture their progress to encourage best practice. The branch has some generous members who will mentor beginners.

Please contact our Chairman Alistair Monkman who can facilitate this.

Additionally there are opportunities for Stalking at Altyre for BDS members. 

BDS and Altyre Estate are pleased to announce the launch of preferential rates for BDS members who wish to stalk Scottish woodland roe deer at Altyre Estate in Moray. Primarily aimed at those wishing to undertake DSC2 training and/or assessment, the estate can offer accompanied stalks for cull roebucks and does with the estate stalker (Approved Witness) at a flat rate of £85 inc VAT per outing.

For more details, please contact the Altyre Estate office directly on 01309 672265 or by email at

Email addresses

We do not send the newsletters by post anymore. It is too costly and some members must be missing out, so please send your email address to HQ or Ian the secretary.