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    Deer are beautiful creatures and an important part of our natural heritage. Including our largest wild mammal, six species live wild in the UK and are an integral part of our landscape. However their very success can put them in conflict with people, the environment and other animals. Ensuring that deer stay healthy, have appropriate habitat and are well managed is key to a sustainable future. The British Deer Society (BDS) is a charity and the principal organisation focusing on deer welfare and promoting their conservation in balance with the environment.

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    The British Deer Society

    Whether you enjoy deer watching, stalking, photography or make your living from deer-related activity, this website will help you to learn about British wild deer. It is full of information, pictures, news and views on just every deer-related topic, and you can book courses and buy books, DVDs and equipment online.

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Latest News

DAMA: the Deer that Walked the World

Over the last 5 years the British Deer Society has supported the Arts & Humanities Research Council funded ‘Fallow Deer Project’, which has been examining how, when and why the European fallow deer (Dama dama) spread around the world from its native homeland in the Mediterranean. The findings of this project have overturned our understanding of the natural and cultural history of the species, revealing how fallow deer transformed landscapes and human lives everywhere they were taken. As part of the project, the team have produced a 30-minute documentary, filmed by wildlife photographer Luke Saddler, that tells some of the fascinating stories of this beautiful and enigmatic deer species.

Road Vehicle Collision Humane Animal Dispatch Course

12th November: A Road Vehicle Collision Humane Animal Dispatch Course now available.  A few places are available to join in with a BDS course being delivered for the Epping Forest Services Team.

The British Deer Society publishes report on controversial lynx reintroduction

The British Deer Society (BDS) has published a comprehensive 33-page report on aspects of the possible reintroduction of the Eurasian lynx in Great Britain.  The report will inform any responses the BDS may make during the consultation phase of any future applications to release lynx into the wild. It is also hoped that the report will be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal by the authors Jos Milner and Justin Irvine.

British Deer Society launches new website

The British Deer Society (BDS) has unveiled its brand new state-of-the-art website, following months of development and design work behind the scenes.
The easy-to-navigate website, which incorporates vibrant graphics and eye-catching imagery, includes extensive information incorporating research, training, education, membership, fundraising, photography and competitions.

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