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    Deer are beautiful creatures and an important part of our natural heritage. Including our largest wild mammal, six species live wild in the UK and are an integral part of our landscape. However their very success can put them in conflict with people, the environment and other animals. Ensuring that deer stay healthy, have appropriate habitat and are well managed is key to a sustainable future. The British Deer Society (BDS) is a charity and the principal organisation focusing on deer welfare and promoting their conservation in balance with the environment.

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    The British Deer Society

    Whether you enjoy deer watching, stalking, photography or make your living from deer-related activity, this website will help you to learn about British wild deer. It is full of information, pictures, news and views on just every deer-related topic, and you can book courses and buy books, DVDs and equipment online.

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Latest News

Spongiform Encephalopathy found in Reindeer in Norway

A Spongiform Encephalopathy, referred to as Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD, was diagnosed in a free-ranging reindeer from southern Norway in March 2016 by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute who are monitoring the reindeer herd.

It has been confirmed that this case of disease is associated with prion infection. Prions are miss-folded versions of proteins commonly associated with the central nervous system.

DEFRA News Update

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BDS 2016 Deer Distribution Survey App

Every five years the British Deer Society plots the current distribution of all six species of deer found in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Data is collected from various sources, and this year for the first time, BDS will fully engage with members and general public via an internet based recording application designed to record all deer sightings. This easy to use programme asks for observer details, the location of deer seen and drop down menu options to record sex and species. An interactive map can be used to move a pin marker to the location of a sighting and a grid reference is automatically recorded within the programme. For those uncertain of a deer species, the programme contains a visual help guide showing various images of the six species of deer.

To participate and go direct to the survey site -

British Deer Society AGM Weekend

Society AGM Weekend 14th/15th May 2016

This year’s AGM weekend will be hosted by Yorkshire Branch and  in the heart of Yorkshire and will be based at Harrogate and Harewood House. There will be an opportunity to visit Harewood on the Saturday prior to the AGM on the Sunday.  Harewood will capture your imagination with both the majesty of the building and the grandeur of the grounds.  It’s a site overflowing with culture and heritage.

Research Funding Requests

BDS is inviting qualified researchers to submit projects for consideration for full or partial funding.

Forthcoming Events

27 May - 29 May
DSC1 Comrie, Perthshire
04 June - 06 June
DSC1 Shrewsbury, Shropshire
16 September - 19 September
DSC1 Padstow, Cornwall
01 October - 03 October
DSC1 Shrewsbury, Shropshire

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