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Photo by: Graeme Purdy

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Scottish Government’s Deer Management Proposals

Despite ongoing discussions, the Scottish Government maintains its stance, prompting reflection on the future of deer conservation. Dive into the details and discover the British Deer Society’s perspective on sustainable practices and welfare considerations.

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Raising Spring Awareness of Deer Welfare Issues

This blog post sheds light on critical deer welfare issues as spring unfolds across the UK countryside and emphasises the need for public awareness and responsible action towards deer welfare. We all need to take collective efforts to protect and preserve wildlife during this vibrant season.

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Plastic Pollution Threatens Deer

This article highlights the dire impact of plastic waste on wild deer globally. It urges immediate action through public education, and responsible waste management to protect deer habitats and minimise their exposure to harmful debris. The article also underscores the lesser-known danger of roadside litter to deer, emphasising the need for awareness and collective efforts to safeguard wildlife and our environment.

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Together for Deer – New BDS Strategy Launched

We unveiled our new strategy, “Together for Deer,”. The strategy emphasises evidence-based approaches and collaboration among stakeholders. It focuses on Ethics & Welfare, Education & Training, and Science & Research, aiming to establish BDS as a leading authority in deer welfare and management by 2030. “Together for Deer” aims to unite efforts in safeguarding deer welfare amid complex challenges.

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BDS Launches First Drone Survey Thanks to Supportive Members

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking moment for the BDS community: the successful launch of our first drone survey funded by last year’s award-winning Big Give campaign. This achievement has been made possible through the unwavering support and contributions of our dedicated members and supporters.

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Responsible Deer Management Clear Up

This article stresses responsible deer management, especially in disposing of deer carcasses after incidents like Deer Vehicle Collisions (DVCs) and humane dispatch. It highlights the need to ensure public safety and sensitivity by properly handling carcasses and following best practices.

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Deerly Beloved

The article “Deerly Beloved” discusses society’s enduring fascination with deer and the need for a positive narrative surrounding them. It highlights the importance of appreciating deer’s role in the ecosystem, promoting responsible management, and advocating for conservation efforts. Ultimately, it calls for a shift towards valuing and caring for deer, inspiring future generations to cherish these majestic animals.

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New Assistant Training Officer at the British Deer Society

The British Deer Society is delighted to introduce Rhian Tyne as our new Assistant Training Officer, and we are confident that she will be a dynamic addition to the team. With a rich background in wildlife conservation and a deep commitment to deer management, Rhian brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role .

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